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“You amaze me. I think you are one of the most interesting people in the world. I mean that. I love everything you write about – it is always something interesting and usually something I am interested in. Your blog is like a great daily newspaper column – keep plugging at it.” – Cote de Texas  

"In watching Anthony Bourdain, I really think you have many similarities.  You should have your own Parts Unknown show!  I just love it and the descriptions. We need to speak with these CNN folks! But in all honesty, I really think the way the show is presented is a lot like your photography.  You feel like you are walking beside him." - Caitlin Prior Kern

“…I still adore your blog, how you shift from thoughtful to pissed, to hilarious. This blogging thing we do is important. It’s one of the last strongholds of freedom of speech and you’re not afraid to use it.” – Corine Gantz

"Sometimes there are no words to describe how you really feel. So you gotta dance. Interpretive dance to convey the 'badassness' of Patti Friday. You rule!"

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In order to grow my business, I earn revenue in a few different ways. I publish several sponsored posts each month, which are always labeled at the top. I also (sometimes) earn a commission on the sales of products I link to. I feature only items I genuinely love and want to share, and this is an arrangement between the retailer and myself (readers never pay more for products). These are the ways I support my company, and it allows me to run the site and engage with this community I truly love. Thank you for reading!

All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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