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Nutritional Products 101 Class


We are so thrilled you have decided to step inside our classroom! 

This Advocare MIXER is an easy breezy post full of information about how you can improve your current state of wellness and the benefits of world-class nutritional products - products used by health conscious adults and elite athletes all across North America. 

Please experience this MIXER class at your own pace - at your own leisure. 

When our MIXER comes to an end you will be ready to make choices for your specific needs. 

Do you need to lose weight like many people? Do you want more energy? (Let's be honest....all of us could use more energy!) Perhaps you want to improve your sports performance or workouts! Advocare has been wildly successful in the United States for the last 25 years and we wanted to be Advocare Canada pioneers!  We knew the products would help many people in their personal health and wellness journeys. It has been thrilling to be part of the Canadian launch. 

Patti Friday Kennedy
Independent Distributor

You might not have heard of Advocare before. You can be confident knowing that all of their products are backed by the latest, global science and a Scientific Advisory Board. Thank you again for joining us! Let's Begin! What is your No. 1 'Wellness' Goal? 

This is what a 'live' Mixer looks like. Good friends gathering to sample and learn! Looks so fun right? Well our online Mixer here on FB can be just as fun...and you can attend in your pyjamas!

I know I are Wonder Woman! But even this superhero needs really superior supplements to fill in her nutritional gaps! We'd have to eat a lot of good, clean food to meet our daily requirements. Protein? Hello! Probiotics? Yes Yes! Fibre? Heck yeah! 

Before we get into the benefits.....we wanted to encourage you to mark down the NEXT Tuesday on your calendar.  We have a saying around here:  "Order on a Tuesday start on a Monday!" If you want to order today - AMAZING - that's cool! - please do so by clicking on this link. It is our shopping website! Delivered directly to your door! 

Oh Hey! I'm Patti. I'm doing AdvoCare SO THAT I can lose some extra weight that I want create a steady and secure paycheck each month for myself (Ms. Independent) and to self-fund my ongoing art projects! Everyone has a different reason. Some people become Preferred Customers to enjoy a 20% benefit from the amazing nutritional products....!!!! Others may be similar to me. Wanting the 'extra paycheck' to give them that little extra every few weeks. Several people will rush to order 'Spark' and 'Catalyst' !!! Everyone has their own "SO THAT" and we honor and respect each one! 

You may always hear or repeat the phrase “drink plenty of water.” Why? Because water is the most plentiful substance in the body, comprising roughly 50-65 percent of body composition in the average adult. Fluid recommendations vary based on age, activity, medical and physical conditions. A simple method to estimate your fluid requirements is to divide your weight in pounds by two, which provides how many ounces of fluid you should consume daily. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, dividing by two, this equals 75 ounces. Divide this by eight (eight ounces per cup), you would need to consume about 9-10 cups of fluid per day. Are you getting enough water? 

Ah SPARK. In some circles it's known as 'Happy Mommy Juice' !!! If you ever lack energy or experience brain fog, Spark might be for you!  SPARK COMMERCIAL is at the bottom of this post.

Our best-selling product, Spark®, is an energy drink mix that helps start your day on the right foot with a blend of 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. BONUS: Helps promote mental focus Helps increase energy Sugar Free!!! 

42 Servings per canister (also comes in a bag of 14 stick packs for on the go) 

Fruit Punch (Best Seller) 
Mango Strawberry 
Mandarin Orange 

Canister Pricing per Serving: 
Retail Customer $1.67/serving 
Preferred Customer $1.33/serving 

You may enjoy up to 2 servings a day. It is also delicious as a hot beverage! 

Time to see how 'Girl Power' is part of building champions. Wait until you watch the commercials at the very bottom of this post.  

We just found out that there are 

The pillars of wellness represent the key lifestyle elements that contribute toward your overall health and well-being. At AdvoCare, we believe a sustainable balance of all 5 pillars is important in order to live a healthy lifestyle and meet your personal health goals. 

The 5 Pillars: 
Stress (relief) 

Life is busy. It can be hectic. We don't always have the time to eat our best. We have things to do. Children to care for. Errands to run. Appointments to attend. Jobs to get to. Stuff to worry about. Our focus might not be on our body's nutritional needs. What time of day do you feel sluggish? 

SPARK is a unique blend of 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy and balanced source of energy. SPARK offers caffeine for a quick boost (similar to a large coffee), B vitamins to enhance your body natural ability to produce and sustain its own energy and neuroactive amino acids that help increase your mental focus and alertness.  

45 calories per serving! 

Blend, shake or stir SPARK into 8 fluid ounces of water to enjoy: 

*Enhanced mental focus 
*Helps boost energy 
*A sugar free source of energy 

Costs and Flavours Stick Packs - 14 in a pouch bag 
Fruit Punch 
Mandarin Orange 
Mango Strawberry 
Blue Raspberry 

You may enjoy up to 2 servings a day. It is also delicious as a hot beverage! 

Which flavor do you think you would LOVE? 45 calories! Grape Fruit Punch Mandarin Orange Mango Strawberry Blue Raspberry ?

Hey! Are you still with us? Or do you just need a SPARK? OK! Great! Let's get this MIXER 'sparked' up! At the end be sure to watch the video about AdvoCare becoming a household name. This video really sold us!   

Now that you have been introduced to Canada's new energy provider.....45 calories! Let's move on to some other world-class nutritional products... Wait...let's back it up a bit. Have you thought about the outrageous price of specialty coffees, teas and cans of energy drinks? I know right! OK...let's carry on.... 

Have you had a goal to get in shape, lose weight or run a 5 K race? Do you long to climb a flight of stairs without being winded? Do you want to keep up with your active children or grandchildren? AdvoCare can support you! 

We think most of us simply ignore the realities of our current state of wellness. Our weight and body measurements. We are enjoying our comprehensive 'Transformation Journals' from AdvoCare. It is helping us track our progress. How amazing is that! It arrives with the 24 Day Jumpstart. Details and order on our website: (measuring tape not included) 

We have fellow AdvoCare consumers who are great at sharing ideas, recipes and inspiration inside the private 'Fitness Forum' Facebook group. Everyone who is on the 24 Day Jumpstart gets an invitation to join in on the experience and fun! Doesn't this look amazing! Spark infused with fruits and veggies! 

When was the last time you did something for yourself? What would you like to do? 

Wellness transformation and health journeys are always better shared with friends....a tribe of like-minded people! You might know someone who would love to go on this adventure with you? Who would that be? 

But first! Let's focus on you and your needs - your goals! 

We are doing the ONE/80 program - 80 days to give you a 180 degree wellness transformation. Sounds great doesn't it? It is!!! AdvoCare ONE/80® is a 3-PART customizable solution to your needs. Each system is designed to help you develop lifelong healthy habits. 

24 Day Pack. 

This program begins with the 24 Day Jumpstart. 

Phase ONE - Days 1 - 10 = Cleanse Phase 
Phase TWO - Days 11 - 24 = Max Phase 

Details and order on our website

This is our AdvoCare Intro Pack: 14 Day Pack. Don't know where to start? Get to know AdvoCare with our best-selling product, Spark®, an energy drink mix that helps start your day on the right foot with a blend of 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Add Spark, MNS® 3 and Protein and Vitamin Shakes to your routine for 14 days of fuel, focus, and wellness. 

The BEST choice! 

80 Day Pack. The AdvoCare ONE/80™ focuses on your transformation from the inside out. This comprehensive program shows you how you can turn your life around by giving you the tools and support you need to build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 

ONE/80 provides a fresh approach to weight management and sets you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. This 3 part program is designed to help you lose weight through focused everyday healthy habits. One program. Customized Solutions. 

Start Now! 
3 bundles 
3 billings 

Details and order on our website: 

Retail Price: Jumpstart* 
$263.70 Optimize* 
$303.70 Lifestyle* 
$303.70 *

You will not be charged until your product ships 


14 Day Intro Pack 

Details and order on our website: 

Everyone! You must be feeling more informed about what AdvoCare has to offer you! High Five!!!! When do you want to start your own transformation? 

AdvoCare is WILDLY successful! It's all the BUZZ! Now in Canada!!! At AdvoCare, We Build Champions® through physical and financial wellness. Backed by the latest science, AdvoCare provides innovative nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products. In addition, AdvoCare offers a business opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing extra income. AdvoCare was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Plano, Texas. 

We love the support, coaching and meal planning ideas we get from our AdvoCare teammates and inside our own websites. How would you describe your current diet lifestyle? 

We learn portion control and how to get organized. YAY! 

When was the last time you went for a 30 minute walk? 

Future Champions! Don't forget to watch the videos at the very end!

We are Champions! 

Metabolic Dietary Supplement A comprehensive multinutrient dietary supplement system that provides a wide range of vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Source of vitamins and minerals 
Source of omega-3 fatty acids 
Helps to manage weight with reduced dietary calorie intake and increased physical activity 

Not only will you benefit from enhanced energy, you will also receive core nutrition with 
Calcium Plus and 

For energy and overall outstanding core nutrition and muscle and immune function, MNS is your answer. 

In case you are curious about the 'business' side of Advocare or would love an extra paycheck every few is an important THRILLING fact about this company! No Monthly Minimums! NO AUTO SHIPS! Say what? !!!! 

If you are new to AdvoCare, you may want to start as a Preferred Customer to try the products. Preferred Customers can join for $19.95 and receive an immediate 20 percent discount on products with the ability to build up to a 30 percent discount. 
If you know you want to become a Distributor to sell products, you can join for $70 and receive an immediate 20 percent discount, plus access to your own AdvoCare website to purchase products, special Distributor trainings and access to exclusive Distributor events. 
You are not required to buy any product to maintain your AdvoCare Distributorship or your product discount. The only fee required to maintain your Distributorship is a $60 annual renewal fee. Your customers can buy product from you right from your AdvoCare Website and have it delivered directly to them or, should you choose, you can sell products in person as well. 

Let's recap the 24 Day Jumpstart: 

Phase ONE - Days 1 - 10 = Cleanse 
Phase Phase TWO - Days 11 - 24 = Max Phase 

This is the 24 Day Jumpstart

AdvoCare Cleanse is GENTLE and UNEVENTFUL!  
Cleanse System may be purchased separately. 
Max Phase may also be purchased as 'The INTRO Pack' 

NFL Quarterback Drew Brees and his wife love AdvoCare! 

THE FITNESS FORUM: For those on 24 Day Jumpstart or ONE80 Commit - The Fitness Forum is designed to help you reach your fitness goals along with your AdvoCare products. It is a community of support and encouragement that we hope you will take full advantage of. You will be receiving tips, encouragement, and challenges from an incredible group of AdvoCare leaders who have a wide range of experience in fitness, athletics and coaching. We LOVE The Fitness Forum! Meal prepping! Oh yeah baby! 

Any football fans out there! Here's another Endorser! 

NHL Dallas Stars Team Captain Jamie Benn is our newest unpaid endorser. Watch Jamie at bottom of post.

Look at the success of ONE80! 

How do we succeed? One pound at a time! You can do this! WE are here to cheer you on! 

AdvoCare is for everyone* over the age of 18 to 108! Let's do this together! *You should always reach out to your doctor before making lifestyle changes like incorporating dietary supplements, adding exercise routines, or changing your diet. 

MNS is your answer. 

Included in every strip pack of MNS® 3: 

Before Breakfast Color Packet 
Calcium Plus - 2 caplets 
ActoTherm™ SR - 1 caplet 

Before Lunch Color Packet 
Calcium Plus - 2 caplets 
BioTherm - 2 capsules 

White Packet 
CorePlex® - 3 caplets 
CardioQ - 1 capsule 

White Packet 
OmegaPlex® - 2 softgels 

Calcium Plus: Calcium Plus is a great source of calcium, to help in the development and maintenance of your bones and teeth. 

 ActoTherm: This product has a blend of botanical extracts including cinnamon, gotu kola, ginger and peppermint, and supports increased energy. 

BioTherm: The synergistic combination includes green tea, botanical extracts, and biotin. 

CorePlex®: CorePlex is a blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E) that can help the body promote and sustain health and well being. 

CardioQ: This product combines the ingredients CoQ10 and Lycopene to help support cardiovascular health 

OmegaPlex®: OmegaPlex contains 500mg long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (300mg EPA and 200mg DHA) per soft gel.  

You are so worth it! 

The shake! OMGoodness! So YUMMY! 

Chocolate Peanut Butter 

Delicious and portable shake mix that delivers a blend of protein, carbohydrates and fiber to keep you fueled and ready to tackle your day. With 26 vitamins and minerals, 210-220 calories and 5-6 grams of fibre per serving, Protein and Vitamin Shakes are easy to digest and excellent for the maintenance of good health. 

Protein and Vitamin Shakes provide 24 grams of protein 24 grams of carbs (at a 1:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio), which can assist in the building of lean muscle when combined with regular weight training and a healthy balanced diet. 

OmegaPlex is a convenient way to get the omega-3 fatty acids that may be missing in your diet. Each serving of OmegaPlex contains a concentrate of 1,000 mg long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (600 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA). Omega-3 fatty acids help support cardiovascular and cognitive health. OmegaPlex also includes Vitamin E, an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health. 

In a nutshell: 

You may become a Preferred Customer with a $19 membership. (paid once a year) 

Distributors pay 20-30% discount and share the business opportunity with others and SELL Advocare Products. Distributors build their Advocare business casually with friends and family. $70 to become a Distributor. 

Advisors are Distributors who enjoy 40% discounts and are focused Advocare business buidlers PT or FT AND they SELL AdvoCare products.

What number are you?: 1 - 2 - 3 or 4 

Who are you going to TEXT to share that you just found out about AdvoCare? Details and order on our website:  AND Referrals are always appreciate! 

You might be wondering how to earn with Advocare. Here is a handy chart. 

Congratulations! You made it! You zoomed through your first MIXER CLASS! You deserve a ribbon! Which ribbon do you love best? 

If you are not quite sure where to begin or what to order, please reach out to us in a private message or email  

We know you are going to feel the difference with AdvoCare. You may order today! Details and order on our website: 

ONE80 Commit is the BEST choice for results! Details and order on our website.

You might be very interested now in starting your own AdvoCare distributorship!

AdvoCare offers a business opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing extra income. Many people across America are starting their own AdvoCare business which empowers them to share AdvoCare products, earn additional income, and make a difference along the way.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Up to a 40% Product Discount

  • Access to the AdvoCare compensation plan

  • Your personal AdvoCare website

  • Online training, eligibility to attend nationwide training events and valuable business tools

  • Your Distributor Kit includes:  (COST $70 in Canada)

    • An officially branded AdvoCare blender bottle 
    • A Welcome Card 
    • A bag of Spark® (flavour varies) 
    • IMPACT Magazine, a tool designed to highlight both product and business success stories (pack of 5)
    • Spark® Activation Cards (pack of 10)

    Product and Income Claims

    Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of AdvoCare Independent Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain.  Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends that you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen.  Earnings depend on a number of factors, including your individual effort and the area in which you live.  For more information regarding earnings, see the AdvoCare Income Disclosure Statement.

    Ooops! One more thing before we go! Who wants to burn fat and keep muscle? This last product is like 'gym in a bottle'! It's 'Catalyst'!!! Catalyst™Amino Acid Dietary Supplement Provides a blend of branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine to assist your body in the building of lean muscle mass when combined with regular resistance exercise and a healthy diet. 

    Retail Price: $39.95

    Servings: 30 

    Contains BCAAs & L-Glutamine Promotes lean muscle mass Catalyst provides a blend of branched chain amino acids, along with L-glutamine & L-arginine, to assist your body in the building of lean muscle. 

    Details and order on our website: 


    It has been a pleasure to spend this MIXER with you! 

    If you need any support or have questions, please contact us! 

    Again, thank you so much for supporting our AdvoCare business. We appreciate your orders and your referrals! 
    Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of AdvoCare Independent Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends that you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including your individual effort and the area in which you live. For more information regarding earnings, see the AdvoCare Income Disclosure Statement.

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