Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fresh Scoop Chunky Mango Salsa to Die For

This is so simple, fast and healthy!
A fab crowd pleaser!
Here's the recipe:

Grab a measuring cup
Finely chop the fresh vegetables you have on hand
Fill the cup equally with different veggies
Add one cup of cilantro and one cup mango

Stir. Cover. Refrigerate.

That's it!
The natural flavors and juices make this perfection.

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'

Nudnik Elevated Youth

Thank You
Thank You
Twin Sisters
for the best gift for
Miss Sunny James!
(1 month old baby girl)

If you care about our planet
....and I know you do
If you love eco-friendly, upcycled and ethical fashion
....and I absolutely know you do
then this company for
'Made in Canada' Kids' Style
is for you!

“You have all my respect and admiration for your “elevated” work!” — Sophie Grégoire Trudeau


Setting our sites far beyond sustainable, Nudnik reinvents potential, challenging the atrocious waste of the fashion industry, infusing our durable modern basics with ingenuity and adventure, while up-cycling fabrics otherwise destined for a landfill. - Nudnik


Nudnik SHOP
Nudnik TEAM

At Nudnik, our purpose is to give preloved clothing extended life by redefining the concept of ‘new’. Every piece is lovingly cut and sewn together from a variety of gently worn, adult sized tshirts and sweatshirts, in an array of hues, making no two Nudnik garments exactly the same. Almost like a fingerprint! Our modern basics were designed with purpose:
  • A comfortable, sculpted fit to serve as a second skin
  • Raw edges, to avoid the use of virgin materials and to minimize unnecessary sizes, so each piece grows longer as your child does 
  • Minimal tags and/or labels 
  • Infinite colour combinations that offer a fun element of surprise with each delivery, and make each garment as unique as the children wearing them

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Best Shaving Cream Nick’s Shaving Crème for Men and Women Farm to Jar Aloe Vera Coconut Oil Aloette

No nicks here! When you use Nick’s Shaving Crème for Men and Women you will enjoy a refreshing boost of hydration every time you shave. A Farm to Jar blend of coconut oil and aloe vera soothe and nourish skin, preventing redness and irritation. Nick’s Shaving Crème is perfect for men and women – so order one for you and one for your partner!
Apply onto damp skin working up a lather, Shave with your razor and rinse off with warm water.

Patti Friday, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'
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